Pratt's Sustainability Studies minor concludes its first year.

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Last May, Pratt's undergraduate catalog officially added the minor in Sustainability Studies, meaning the program has officially concluded its first year in operation.  It has been a productive year, with heavily enrolled sections of SUST 201 The Sustainable Core, as well as elective seminars such as SUST 405 Production Consumption & Waste and SUST 401 Power Pollution & Profit.  By February, the number of electives in the minor had expanded to include offerings in SSCS, Math & Science, Interior Design, Industrial Design, and Construction Management.  (Click here for a complete list of courses approved in the minor.)

Sustainability courses included explorations of the urban environment.  In September, students in SUST 405 Production Consumption & Waste canoed the Gowanus Canal. After a discussion of the area's history, we entered the water and began paddling up to the northern terminus of the canal before turning south and exploring the foliage, animals, and businesses that call the canal home.  Our journeys revealed floating garbage and the smell of sulphur, but also swimming fish and fishing birds, scrap metal and concrete production alongside flora, fauna, and even some artwork.

In February, students in SUST 401 Power, Pollution & Profit took a tour of Pratt's historic power plant.  Chief engineer Conrad Milster guided the tour, recounting the long history of powering the institute.  

Students in Sustainability Studies courses also toured Newtown Creek, participated in Pratt's Sustainability Crash Course and Green Week, participated in lectures from faculty in SSCS, Math & Science, Industrial Design, Humanities & Media Studies, and interned with the Center for Sustainable Design Strategies.  

2014-15 promises to be an even bigger year in the Sustainability Studies program, as the fall semester includes two sectors of SUST 201 (Mondays 2pm with Carl Zimring and Wednesdays 5pm with Jennifer Telesca) and additional elective options we will share once they are official.  If you are a Pratt Institute student interested in the minor, or in registering for sustainability courses, please contact School of Liberal Arts and Studies Academic Advisement Coordinator Erich Kuersten ( to discuss the possibilities.

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