Student Profiles

Setshi Ford

From: Dallas, Texas
Transferred from: Architecture
I was drawn into the program because I learned that I would rather learn how to think rather than what to think. I’ve always been a critical thinker and a writer. I found myself trying to fit that into other professions until I realized I could just do exactly what I wanted. The program allows me to be self-driven, and gives me all the tools I need to direct myself into the studies that I want to be a part. There is no restriction.
My ideal future would be to graduate with this degree and a minor in philosophy and film. I want to go on and get my masters from Columbia in Anthropology. Then I would like to spend the rest of my life teaching, writing, researching, and making documentaries based around my research. I want to be learning for the rest of my life.

I am inspired to reach new fronts and continue to discover things about the human condition. I want to open minds and add to the world via my writing, films, and teaching.  I want to set a fire in the people’s hearts. 

Jeanne Landers 

From: Monmouth County, New Jersey
Started as a Freshman in 2015
I was drawn to critical and visual studies because I knew I wanted to focus on philosophy and writing, but also have the freedom to study visual art as well. I need a balance between the visual and the "critical". I spent a lot of time researching different programs at other art schools and liberal arts colleges, and found this program to satisfy everything I was interested in. Critical and visual studies has allowed me to expand upon my interest in politics, society, and culture while allowing me to direct my focus independently.

 After Pratt, I'd want to work with a non-profit organization, in some position such as community advocate. I'm also extremely interested in the idea of creating a "cultural center". I've worked in several cafes and spend a lot of my free time going to spaces of artistic activism. Sometimes I think I'd love to go back home and open a space where anyone can gather, share in cultural experiences, and perform or show their art in a cafe-like setting.

 I'm inspired by everything (art, theory, poetry, activism, environmental studies... the list is endless). Although everyone has their own focus and is concentrating on a different subject, I feel like all work is good work because it pushes you to want to know more. The critical and visual studies community is so passionate and so intelligent and I am constantly learning from everyone. My inspiration here is not limited to what we study, as it also comes from who we meet and converse with along the way.  

Emily Oldenquist

From:  New Albany, Ohio
Transferred From: Writing
My desire to broaden my skills and work across various mediums urged me to pursue this program. I decided I did not want to confine myself merely to the written word, especially when Writing at Pratt focuses primarily on Fiction or Poetry. I saw Crit/VIz as the perfect opportunity to continue to grow as a writer, story-teller and communicator while still taking advantage of Pratt’s incubator for innovative mixed-media artists.

I hope to create and run a magazine much later in my career. Until then I hope to join a marketing/ad team for companies which have heavy reliance in technology and media advancements.  I will always be thinking of possibly doing a screenplay, if the time comes. I’ve dreamt of making this very specific narrative film since I was 15 years old. I know making a movie is an investment and major commitment. I am confident some of the Crit Viz resources can help me achieve this fully--at least before I retire.

I am inspired when I watch commercials individually and study what makes them work so well. I love marketing videos which extend past typical advertisement goals (I.e Dove Beauty, Political Campaigns, Music videos, Updated product releases, company mission statements). Slogans and taglines also possess a concision I hope to imbue in all of my work. On the side, music composition and genre-exploration is something constantly intriguing to me. My friends and family are a big drive to me. If something seems daunting, I picture my family cheering me on. I’ve become a part of such a diverse group of humans at Pratt and the fact that I can love/be loved be happy in a group of people with such versatile goals and backgrounds is astonishing.