Watch Professor Ric Browns MLK Day Speech

Announcement 6:29 PM

Student Action Meeting- Art and Activism

Activism 7:26 PM

Hoarding, or Adventures in Form: A Talk With Greg Horowitz

Critical & Visual Studies 3:11 PM

Pratt Photography Lectures: Spring 2017 Program

Critical & Visual Studies 2:34 PM

BLM Teach In at Pratt Institute!

Action 4:57 PM

New Revolution: Artists Welcome! Come Join!

Critical & Visual Studies 4:45 PM

Pratt Professor in The Spotlight

Critical & Visual Studies 6:28 PM

Pratt Speaker at MLK Commemoration

Announcement 2:46 PM

Left Forum: Save the Date!

Activism 1:38 PM

Summer Study Abroad Opportunity in Bologna

Critical & Visual Studies 1:21 PM

Student Show: Simulated Interior

Art Gallery 3:25 PM

St. Mary’s Community Celebration of MLK Day

B. Ricardo Brown 3:10 PM