Updated List of Courses in the Sustainability Studies Minor

8:49 PM

The Department of Social Science and Cultural Studies is pleased to announce an addition to the Minor in Sustainability Studies. The minor deepens the understanding of the interdisciplinary approach to sustainable environmental, economic, and social practices, providing students with a broad understanding of the complex interrelationships between humans and ecosystems and the best practices for protecting environmental quality and fostering social equity.

The minor can be combined with any undergraduate major and requires the completion of 15 credits approved in Sustainability Studies. Effective immediately, students may count CM 446 Sustainable Construction Management as an elective for the minor. The list of courses students may now use for the minor now includes:

SUST 201 The Sustainable Core (3 credits, required)
MSCI 270 Ecology (3 credits, required. May substitute MSCI 271 or 280)
CM 446 Sustainable Construction Management (3 credits, elective)
SUST 401 Power, Pollution, and Profit (3 credits, elective)
SUST 405 Production, Consumption, and Waste (3 credits, elective)
PHIL 356 Environmental Ethics (3 credits, elective)
INT 332 Environmental Theory (2 credits, elective)
IND 487 Sustainability and Production (2 credits, elective)
MSCI 426 Toxics in the Environment (1 credit, elective)
MSCI 438 Chemistry of Modern Polymeric Materials (3 credits, elective)

We expect to add more elective options to the minor next year. To register for the minor, or for any questions on these courses, please contact the coordinator Carl Zimring at czimring@pratt.edu.

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