Announcing the 2014 Senior Thesis Awards in Critical & Visual Studies

3:54 PM


This year we had a great selection of excellent student work, which made the selection process more difficult than perhaps ever before.  After much deliberation, the faculty of the Department of Social Science and Cultural Studies voted to give the following awards to our graduating seniors:

Honors with Distinction
(The highest award from the faculty.  In recognition of outstanding research and writing)

Robert Hoffman
Towards a Normative Conception of Depressive Symptomatology


(A thesis that was the top runner-up for the highest award.)
Chelsea Lorraine Proctor
Re-Imagined South Korean History: Women, Dramas, and the Emerging Digital Discourses of National Identity


Research and Methodology
(A work that demonstrates a strong commitment to social scientific or critical social research.)

Alexandra Montane
Post-Revolutionary Cuba through the Lens of the New Cuban Art


Foundation for Graduate Work  
(Works that provide a foundation for further study in graduate school)

Samantha Maldonado
Creation and Becoming: Toward the Affirmative in the Photography of Francesca Woodman

Fernando Ortiz
Quisqueya Verde: Sustainable Development and the Dominican Republic

Giaovanna Querci
Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, and Miley Cyrus: Investigating the Potential for Radical Feminist Pop Stars

Minna Son
Taike: Hybrid Cultural Identity as Continued Resistance to Colonial Power
David Stein
Multitude and Identity:A brief analysis of the Autonomist Multitude concept through selected works of Paolo Virno, Franco Berardi, Ernst Jünger, and Alain de Benoist

Faculty Recognition 
(Works that deserve recognition because of their originality, engagement with the materials, or level of critique, but unfortunately were not selected for one of the other categories due to the limited number of possible candidates.)
Michael Cote
Heart of Broken Glass: The Aura of Debbie Harry

Sarah Gordon
Looking at Food Inequity in Bedford Stuyvesant; An Asset Based Community Development Approach

Angelica Maldonado
Victim or Survivor: Social Construction of Race and Disaster in the Aftermath of Katrina and Sandy

Grace Myers
Indo-Chic: Consuming India in America

Congratulations to one and all and while we will miss you, we look forward to all of your accomplishments and adventures to come!

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