Petition to Make Pratt A Sanctuary Campus

7:50 PM

From the Social Justice/Social Practice Faculty Seminar

As the home to students, faculty, and staff from around the world, and a global leader in the education of artists, designers and architects, Pratt has the responsibility to take a strong stand against bigotry, xenophobia, and hate in any form. We implore all of you to sign this petition and to please disseminate the link to the letter widely in your Pratt networks.

*NEW* Social Justice/Social Practice Minor at Pratt
The Social Justice/Social Practice Minor is designed to enable undergraduate students to bring critical and transformative perspectives to their studio and design practice, their fields of specialization at Pratt, and their studies in liberal arts and sciences. It draws from courses across the Institute, providing students with an interdisciplinary perspective on social justice and social practice studies with an emphasis upon melding theory and practice. In the minor, students will move from identifying social inequities, to the analysis of structural injustices, and the articulation of possible interventions. Interested students should contact Caitlin Cahill ( and Ann Holder ( 

The Course Booklet for the new Social Justice/Social Practice minor is ready for distribution.

Critical & Visual Studies
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