Symposium Series Presents: Michael Taussig

3:16 PM

Please join us tonight at 5:30 in Pratt Institute's Alumni Reading Room for the next speaker in the Symposium series, Michael Taussig.

Mr.Tuassig was born in Sydney, Australia where he earned a medical degree from the University of Sydney. He then moved to get his PHD in Anthropology in London, and he now resides as a Professor at the University of Columbia.  He left medicine during the Vietnam War in order to chase a new way of thinking. He focused on becoming more acquainted with and to expose the social and political causes of ill health. His work has taken him in majority to Columbia but he has also worked in the US, Palestine, and in Kurdistan. His main goal in his work has been to use his writing to paint the world in a different manner. In order to think and feel thoughts that are normally uncommon. Especially on the topic of thinking itself.

For his his presentation, Mr. Taussig will focus on writing, observation, and the type of consciousness and awareness that they both trigger. .

Check out this New York Times article on Mr. Taussig here.

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