New Course for Spring 2014: Caitlin Cahill - "Social Justice & Participatory Action Research"

5:12 PM

Social Justice
Participatory Action Research
SS 490-11  
Wednesdays 2 – 4:50 PM 

Caitlin Cahill
Department of Social Science And Cultural Studies
How do social research and arts practice play a role in the struggle for justice?

What is the role of the artist in civic life ?

Students will gain the skills and knowledge to integrate community-based research into their artistic practice, scholarship, and everyday life. 

We will engage with the history, theory, methods and ethics of participatory and community-based research, learn how to work collaboratively and build community partnerships. 
Spring 2014 
Wednesdays 2 – 4:50 PM 
Pratt Institute
Main Brooklyn Campus
200 Willoughby Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

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