New course for Spring 2014: Caitlin Cahill - "Occupy! The Politics of Public Space..."

4:57 PM

The Politics of Public Space

The Right to the City
SP 490 – 22 OR  SP 490 – 25   

Caitlin Cahill
Department of Social Science And Cultural Studies

Knowing that rights are not given, but won in the course of struggle, people around the world are putting their lives on the line to defend their right to public space. 
But what’s so important about public space?
From Tahrir Square to our own Zucotti Park, mass protests raise critical questions about the relationships among public space, the state of democracy, and our political economy.   
Students in this class will study private & public spaces in the city using various visual methods of documentation including photography & video.    

Special Class Project:
Ethnographies of NYC subway stations 
will inform a national design competition!  

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