International Women's Day of Action Event at Pratt

4:25 PM

Women's rights are labor rights, and they both have a long history. As with with any strikes these days, we know that not all are able to afford to refuse work or walk off their jobs, and yet we are aware of all of the ways in which women's wage labor of all kinds are undervalued, exploited, under paid or unpaid.  
Please wear red and join us on March 8th outside in front of the clock between 12:30 - 1:30pm for a solidarity action at Pratt to celebrate women, both seen and unseen from our past and present who have paved the path for us, the daughters and sons of today.

 We will have a speak out and write notes to thank and recognize these pioneering women and the women workers of Pratt who make our lives at Pratt easier. We will sticker these messages on our jackets, back packs or wherever to bring public awareness to women's wage labor and struggles. We will be passing out red paper rose bouttonierres.

Critical & Visual Studies
All Events Are Free And Open To Public
 Pratt Institute 
 200 Willloughby Avenue Brooklyn, NY

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