Student Show: Simulated Interior

3:25 PM

Critical & Visual Studies' very own Rebekah Leigh Cione curated a show titled Simulated Interior.

"Simulated Interior is a group show featuring sculptures by Enrique Garcia, Turner Cain, and Alex Berns.

Given the decontextualized nature of the white walled gallery, the exhibit replicates the absurdity of suburban comfort in an alienating mise-en-scène fashion.

Through misanthropic comedy and surrealistic gestures, everyday household objects are distanced from the mundanity of their intended use. Due to their explicit rejection of utilitarian purpose, the familiar forms mock the vain conceits of late capitalism.

The exhibit operates as a dialogue between the object and the viewer; asking questions concerning idealism, individualism, and tradition."

Critical & Visual Studies
All Events Are Free And Open To Public
 Pratt Institute 
 200 Willloughby Avenue Brooklyn, NY

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