Two Sections of the Sustainable Core Available Fall 2014

12:50 AM

The Sustainability Studies minor continues to grow as Pratt students register for Fall 2014, and for the first time, the Department of Social Science and Cultural Studies is offering two sections of SUST 201 The Sustainable Core.  This course is designed as our introduction to sustainability, and it is a required course for Pratt's Sustainability Studies minor.

SUST 201 The Sustainable Core This course provides an overview of sustainability by exploring definitions, controversies, trends, and case-studies in various systems and locales (urban/rural, local/national/global). Investigation of critical elements of sustainability, including environmental history and urban ecology, sustainable development and landscape transformations, recycling/waste management, ecosystem restoration, and environmental justice. Section 01: Mondays, 2pm-4:50pm; Section 02: Wednesdays, 5-7:50pm.  3 credit hours.
This course may count as a Social Science or Philosophy elective, and has no prerequisites. If you are a Pratt student and have any questions for me about SUST 201, please feel free to contact me at

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