Katie Kelley: New Coordinator of Student Activities for Critical and Visual Studies

6:51 PM

We are very pleased to start the year off with announcing that Katie Kelley has become Coordinator of Student Activities! Gregg Horowitz, the Chair of Social Science & Cultural Studies emailed this announcement.

Hello All. 

I am pleased to announce that Katie Kelley, visiting instructor in SSCS, has agreed to serve as Coordinator of Student Activities for Critical and Visual Studies. Many of you have met Katie, but for those who haven't, here is a brief bio: Katie Kelley got her undergraduate degree at St. John's College, in philosophy and the history of math and science. She has an MA in philosophy from the New School for Social Research, where she is currently pursuing a PhD. Her dissertation focuses on Stanley Cavell's extended idea of medium specificity as a way of thinking the logic of artworks, as well as a way of rethinking and reconciling modernism and realism. She has written and published on Barthes, W.G. Sebald, Bazin's realism, photography and automatism. 

The Coordinator is a new position in SSCS. In it, Katie will work alongside Ric Brown to enrich the experience of our BA students in the major, the Department, and Pratt more widely. Here is the description of the position: 

*Duties of Coordinator of Student Activities for Critical and Visual Studies . 
*Participate in the new student orientation process. . 
*Integrate new students into the life of the program. . 
*Arrange for regular social gatherings for students and students/faculty
*Facilitate guest speakers and faculty presentations
*Help facilitate reading groups/gatherings for students and/or students and faculty. . 
*Arrange for an end-of-semester party, thesis presentation, and graduation gathering. 

Please join me in wishing Katie good luck with her new responsibilities.

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