Senior Theses and Upcoming Public Reading

4:59 PM

The current semester's these are now being defended!  Congratulations to our seniors!

Molly H. Adams.  
Communicating interdependence: Ecological Thinking and the Natural History Museum.

Alexander Damianos
A Study of the Public School New York.

Michael Enten.  
The District Divide:  An Investigation of the Effects of Gentrification on Go-Go Music in Washington, D.C.

Rebecca Huber.  
The Rise of the New Woman:  Autonomy and Identity in Fashion and the works of Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel. 

Elizabeth G. Merrill
But Hallucinations Are Also Facts:  Althusser, Philosophical Autobiography, and the Narration of Mental illness.

Shaina Travis.
Transitions as a Rider: How Skateboarding Benefits from Corporate Business.

We will have a public reading in about a week which will be announced in a separate posting.

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