Patricia T. Clough: Psychoanalysis, Autoaffection & Tele-technology

12:53 PM

Patricia T. Clough of the CUNY Graduate Center and author of The End(s) of Ethnography and Auto-Affection: Unconscious Thought in the Age of Teletechnology gave a series of talks in the Spring of 1998 as the Scholar in Residence. The video of the event has been lost, but the audio tapes have been preserved. This is part one of her talk on February 19, 1998. 48:29)

"But to suggest, as I am, that cultural critics have been drawn by tele-technology to give thought over to a future that they themselves have not always fully grasped is to propose that thought is not given by individual thinkers so much as it is given to them as they are drawn to the future by it....By teletechnology I mean to refer to the realization of technoscience, technoculture, and technocature --- that is, to the full interface of computer technology and television, promising global networks of information and communication whereby layers of electronic images, texts, and sounds flow in real time, so that the speeds of the territorialization deterritorialization, and reterritorialization of social spaces, as well as the adjustment to the vulnerabilities of exposure to media event-ness, are beyond any users mere decision to turn 'it' on or off."


Patricia T. Clough, Professor of Sociology and Director of the Center for the Study of Women and Society, City University of New York Graduate Center.  She was the Department of Social Science & Cultural Studies  Scholar in Residence in Spring 1998, Pratt Institute.

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