5th Anniversary Wallabout Film Festival, Thursday, April 18th

Alumni/ae 8:13 PM

Yes I do (k)not: Breaking Vows. An Irreverent Conversation around Marriage.

Announcement 10:48 AM

Thursday, 12:30pm - Professor James Maffie: Weaving the Aztec Cosmos: The Metaphysics of the Fifth Age

Aesthetics 9:47 PM

Video: Nona Sheppard in conversation with Gregg Horowitz, February 28, 2013.

Aesthetics 11:18 AM

Video of talk by Prof. David Harvey at Pratt Institute on Feb, 26, 2013: "The Contradictions of Capital"

Critical Analysis 4:59 PM

Lisabeth During and Ross Poole on "Rape and the Republic" - Department of Social Science and Cultural Studies Speaker Series, March 19th

Augustine 2:50 PM

Social Science and Cutlural Studies Speaker Series: Prof. Amy Gansell on Concepts of Feminine Beauty and Adornment in Ancient Mesopotamia

Amy Gansell 9:53 AM